Reiki Energy And The Law Of Attraction

Most people still think Reiki Energy can be used for healing and relaxation only. In my opinion, that is not a fact. I have been using Reiki Energy for a long time to attract good things into my life, and into people’s life. Reiki Energy can be used, in a first moment, to raise your energy vibration to a higher level. This explains the well-being most people fell, others fell recharged, and some have unusual dreams and experiences.

Every Reiki Practitioner should use this potential all the time - and some do by spreading love, healing, and good thoughts – so they could share this with people around him. You can’t give something away when you don’t even have it.
After changing his energy ground to a higher and positive level, the Reiki Practitioner should fulfill himself with Reiki Energy, impregnate it with whatever he wants to attract and, finally, send this energy imbibed with his wishes back into the Universe.

A non-practitioner can receive Reiki Energy from a Reiki Master like a healing but, instead of being a passive receiver, he MUST set his mind into a continuous positive-thinking.

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To become a Reiki Practitioner, you just need a Reiki I Attunement. Read more.