Reiki II attunement

In Reiki II attunement, the energy seems more subtle.  Practitioners notice a changing in their behavior; they become more sensitive and sometimes have flashes of 'inspiration', a greater spiritual awareness.  Changes begin to happen when old patterns are changed, if needed, to continue the Spiritual growth.  The use of distant healing is explained and taught through the use of the Reiki symbols.

To give you this or any Reiki Attunement, I ask for a donation of $12.00 by clicking on the button below, from which 50% is converted for charity funding and 50% is for my personal costs. Some people say that donating is a way for them not to feel in debit with me.

You must be previously attuned to Reiki I before receiving this attunement.

Any necessary material for you to learn to use Reiki will be sent to you via email. 
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